June 13, 2009

Nude news

From the Sydney Morning Herald / Stuff:
Australian police are looking for a chubby man in his 50s who posed as a male modelling agent and convinced a 19-year-old man to strip for him during an audition.
The scout interviewed the eager teen - who he met in Sydney - over an eight hour period, which included taking him to a bar and a restaurant and having his measurements taken.
But police believe it was never the intention of the man to hire the applicant as a model.
Are you amazed as I am that this is actually filed as a "news item"? No money changed hands, let alone bodily fluids, so I'm actually not quite sure why this had to be handled by the police. Casting couches have existed as long as visual media culture, so one can only hope that one of them is now a little wiser and the other a little satisfied.

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