August 16, 2004

Hot Olympians

About time some eye candy sites for hot Olympians have been set up. (Cheers ShadowFootPrints for the tip). You can send in your own suggestions and pictures to them. The NZ Herald also picked up on the site, bemoaning the fact
"So far all [featured athletes] have been men, which must be about making the Olympics more interesting to women - or gay men."
Please, granny Herald, sometimes you are so 20th Century. The columnist even mildly criticised her own editorial department for running a full page full chest frontal of Michael Phelps on its sports section front page. Sure beats pictures of ugly politicians or - more commonly - fat All Blacks.
None of the entries so far at Hot Olympians have floated my boat, but here are my present and past favourites:
American gymnast Blaine Wilson
Russian diver Dmitri Saoutine
But I definitely wish they would include Turkish oil wrestling as a demonstration sport - if only to promote goodwill between Greeks and Turks.

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