December 17, 2009

Waiheke support of anti-gay law in Uganda?

Letter to the editors of Waiheke Marketplace and Gulf News:
I would urge the sponsors of the Project T Shirt for a school in Uganda, reported in the Marketplace and the Gulf News, to reconsider their cause.
The Ugandan parliament in the midst of enacting a law that would make homosexuality in Uganda punishable by death. The law makers cite as reason for this a pushback against western values in their society.
Clearly the Ugandan Government has too much time on its hands - time and resources that could better be spent on actually building schools instead of relying on foreign donors such as Waihekeans.
Surely our money is a pernicious western influence too, so it should be better spent in countries with a more Christian and charitable view of their population instead of propping up a bigoted regime?

Yours truly,
UPDATE: both newspapers published the letter in its entirety.

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