September 11, 2004

Pissing off Destiny Church

If the Civil Unions Bill didn't tickle your fancy, or thought all that state sanctioning of relationships was a little too bourgeois for your taste, or laughed merrily at those Destiny Church goers who got their knickers in a twist over it, a student newspaper called Salient (thanks, Fionnaigh) asked its readers to come up with Bills to piss off Destiny Church even more.
My suggestions:
- Amend the Marriage Bill to ban divorce, as the best protection of heterosexual marriage (and it would have prevented former rigthwing stalwart Ariana Huffington going all strange - running against Ah-nuld, what was she thinking? - and leftwing had her husband not been recruited into the gay lifestyle. Thank you, Patriotboy, for the links)
- Amend the Charities Act, so churches whose main function is to collect money and manage property pay proper tax and rates (this is an equal opportunity tax reform, of course, Destiny Church will be able to pay their dues but so will all other pseudo-charities)
- Amend the Electoral Act so divorced people will not be allowed to stand for parliament (surely Destiny could find a non-divorced candidate to field against Tim Barnett?).
- (my longtime personal favourite) Change the Bill of Rights so we can have "freedom from religion" instead of "freedom of religion". I can't see why the state should promote personal lifestyle choices such as believing in superstition. Religious practice would be far safer in the privacy of your own home (or God's house) than being paraded in streets in front of the children.

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