January 21, 2005

Big Day Out

Today the assorted hordes of subcultural babes and cool dudes have their annual jamboree in the sunshine. You spot them a mile off and they were packing the boat this morning to town. Girls with far too much flesh showing that is good for them in these ozone-depleted days, and the boys in oversized black Ts and trousers. Why can't the boys show a little bit of form and flesh? The 3rd millennium's male fashion trends are terrible so far. Even Vivienne Westwood's new men's collection wasn't that awe inspiring as is usual. Although some of her designs did it for me:
The Sydney Morning Herald wrote:
The eccentric style of British designer Vivienne Westwood has always been an expression of her particular fashion view.
Kilts for men outside the realm of Celtic lore, a return to the high heels fashionable at the French court, or sequined long-johns are certainly not for the unimaginative customer.
But as the designer has said on more than one occasion, "One leads a much more interesting life if one wears impressive clothes".
For next summer, she introduces hand-painted silk kilts, worn with a cotton T-shirt. The collection, also presented yesterday, includes sequined baseball shirts, running pants with a strap that binds the two legs together, Oliver Twist caps, oversized bow ties, and her trademark handmade suit, which represents the best in Savile Row tailoring.

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