January 22, 2005

Four More Years

But it doesn't look like Mr President will be uniting the states any time soon.
This from Democratic Veteran:
Of course, it's also interesting that with all the crap thrown at the wall by the warfloggers in re CBS/Rather and the typically-shitty journalism they did on the absolutely true AWOL story, no one has ever been able to tell me why Preznit Constantly Failing Upwards never got promoted past First Lieutenant. Today, the deserting little shit is sending Americans off to face horrors he studiously avoided despite the ultra-sweet deal of guarding south Texas from the VC. Making 0-3 in every branch of the service is a pretty simple affair, and usually automatic for a rated aviator...unless of course you're a complete fuckwit waste of a human being. Gee, who might that describe? Funny how the swiftshits never, ever could come up with an answer for that. It saddens me that many, many honorable men (well, not any more) bought into and backed that steaming pile of swiftshit dogshit for partisan ideological reasons. They proved that they'll support a chickenshit buttwipe for no other reason than pure partisan hackery. How sad. In other times, they would not have given the drunken, coked-up worm the time of day or the sweat off their balls...now they're whores of the worst kind. And they own part of the decline of America, something they fought for...
Way to go, Jo!
And the best commentary on Bush's inauguration speech came from Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to President Carter, on the PBS News Hour:
If the speech is taken seriously, I think people will be concerned, because they'll wonder whether this is a statement of a crusade. But if it isn't taken seriously, if it's viewed as a ceremony, then it will be dismissed as a nice statement which perhaps reflects the president's views but which is really not a program of action. And I don't think we should assess this speech as a program of action. It may be a testimonial of his deepest beliefs, but it really doesn't tell us anything about his strategy. It repackages his attitude, instead of talking about fear, which he's been talking a lot about in the last four years, creating in effect a fear-driven nation. He talks about freedom. Instead of talking about terror, he talks about tyranny. [...] So the themes are a little different. It's freedom versus tyranny. But where are the tyrannies? In fact, the really serious tyrannies are the ones we have to deal with. And we're not going to deal with them the way we have dealt with Iraq. So as a statement of a program, it's vacuous. As a sermon, it's nice, it's moving, and has some elegant moments, but it's vacuous.

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