March 02, 2005

Some men, and their products, just smell good naturally

From the endless pursuit of happiness, also called capitalist consumerism, comes the new fragrance named Cumming.
If you thought spraying their product (called Cum?) all over yourself was not enough, there are future products in the pipeline (Cumming Soon, as it were), such as Cumming Clean, Cumming All Over and Cumming Off Buff, but I dread to think what Cumming Of Age is. (Oh, I know: it's a.k.a. Old Spice!)
Surely this is a spoof or a cock up in the PR department, because wearing Cum - on the body part of your choice - is best reserved for parties of the wilder variety, in my opinion.
Thank you, Sideswipe for usefully alerting us to its existence. How did we ever manage to get a life without cum?
More from the ad department:
"A scent that is all about Sex, Scotch, Cigars and Scotland."
Good grief. Have these people ever sniffed a real Scotsman's cum? (I have, and I know that's too much information for a lot of you already, sorry 'bout that)

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