November 27, 2005

A few odd things I noticed about this blog (and the people who land here):

- The largest number of visitors (16%) come here via QueerClick (not worksafe). I think a lot of those visitors must be rather disappointed I do not provide the entertainment of the meaty kind they are obviously looking for.
- Daniel Carter, and his girlfriend(?) and his Jockey underpants are a never ending source of fascination in the search terms. Get over it. Buy Sloggi, or better, go commando like a real man.
- It seems you still can't get enough of Alex Behan and his penis. Heaven knows why this has been a search item for nigh on 18 months now.
- My post on Nana Mouskouri's voting record on gay issues as a Member of the European Parliament is now an external link on her entry at Wikipedia. 48 people clicked through from there - shouldn't I marvel at the amount of people interested in her?

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