November 30, 2005

Gay-free at last

The Catholic Church finally pushed out the boat and declared you need to be gay-free for at least three years before you can be considered for ordination. Apart from this being a really stupid PR exercise that will put the kybosh on any recruitment of new priests - the church has always been a haven for the employment of gay men through the ages, and the employment of gay artists for the beautification of the Vatican ('Ello Michelangelo) - it also makes a terrible and unforgivable mistake of muddling up the paedophile scandal with the sexual orientation of your employees. Banning gay men from becoming priests will do nothing against paedophiles continuing their trade. But then churchmen always muddle up sex issues since they're supposed to know nothing about a sex life.
I was taught at undergraduate school by a bunch of Jesuit priests - the best teachers I have ever had, I must say - who quite openly lived with their girlfriends. I simply don't understand why you would want to turn away talent like that for the trivial reason of wanting a sex life.

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