November 24, 2005

Pot to Kettle: still black!

Revisiting an older post on, I was disappointed they have not been updating their lists. Destiny Church and Party were soundly trounced at this year's polls but not a pipsqueak about that (yet). Homosexuality still hasn't made it into the list, but some updates involving largely "new age" nonsense have been made.
The one thing that did strike me was that Phil Goff, who used to be our Foreign Minister, is listed as "dangerous", while a convicted criminal - for indecent assault, no less - Neville Cooper did not get that epithet. It seems in Jesusland if you deny the charges that a secular state lays on you, all is OK and you will be forgiven.
I know whom I would warn my children about!

Reading further through the list it strikes me that the editors, who are, of course, Christians and wouldn't dream of labeling their own belief system as a cult, reserve their fiercest anti-stance not against simple atheists (also labeled as a religion!) as you would expect, but against fellow believers much closer to themselves - see the diagram in a previous post - such as Scientology, Islam, Judaism and an assortment of Christian fundamentalists, described in poisonous terms not heard since the great schisms in Marxism during its Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist/Trotskyist period and the western Christian church during the Reformation.
Which makes it all just an update on the age-old debate about how many angels can sit on my prick. (Plenty!)

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