December 02, 2005

Sex and hazing in the military

The inquiry report into historical (1949-1991) abuse and manslaughter cases at the Waiouru military cadet school is out and the judge David Morris found that:
"mainly senior cadets bullied a limited number of junior cadets at the school, and some were probably guilty of assault. The review also looked into the death of Cadet Grant Bain, who was shot dead in the cadet school barracks in 1981. Another cadet, Andrew Read, subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge of discharging a firearm, causing death. In his report, Mr Morris found that Mr Read - who is now dead - should have been charged with manslaughter."
Not that anyone was indicted by the report, no, if any individual feels they have case they should take it to court personally.
At the time plenty of complaints and allegations came out, the usual suspects tried to tut-tut it as just the normal practice of hazing, and the need for it to make a man out of you. Only sissies complain when they get raped by their fellow soldiers, it was said at the time. In my opinion, sissies would be the last to complain and then surely about the inadequate sexual technique applied by the novice buggerers. But of course the crux of the matter is consent. You don't sign up with the army to get buggered or killed by your own side. I thought we left that up to the Americans instead.
And the non-consensual sex in the army antics is not ancient history either.

But of course, the best story in that vein was the British Marines hazing initiation ceremony. Naked guys whacking the shit out of each other before an audience of equally unclad soldiers. Oh happy few!
Patriotboy hailed this continuation of old Spartan traditions and it must have swelled his member with pride!

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