March 08, 2007

In naked aerobics, when the music stops, not everything does

After all that terrible news of rape, murder, earthquakes and plane crashes, at last some good stuff: the nude gym has arrived. I have mentioned before that the only gym membership I would consider taking out was with a gym that practiced the Greek principles: nude and men only, and now a gym in the Netherlands has opened special nights for that particular purpose (although women are allowed too).
The men who turned up at the launch faced a media barrage, especially from foreign news media who obviously have never seen anyone naked before.
A classical Greek gym was a place where clothes were a big no-no for a reason: it showed up all the flaws in your body, you could not hide anything like you can with well shaped gym clothes, so it spurred athletes on to do better. Of course it also served as a meat market for the older Greek gentleman to pick and choose their favourites for special treatment and support, but I think that is a far better tutelage system than most current family structures. Mentoring of boys has never been the same since the ancient Olympics were abolished.
The Dutch newspaper, where the picture is from, did an amusing report (unfortunately in Dutch only) in which a 60-year-old naked gym bunny said he was proud of his body and it looked better than those of his sons-in-law. The gym owner said the only time they would interfere was if someone stood suspiciously too long on the vibrating machine.
In all, I say, the more the merrier and may nude gym franchises bloom out there.

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