June 18, 2009

Making waves

This is a hilarious story, in the good natured spirit of World Naked Day. And I'm glad the judge thought so too.
Again, an appropriate sentence would have been the picture publication of their bath time antics on the internet.
Three Balclutha rugby players yesterday admitted their roles in a naked bath romp which led to substantial damage to a Balclutha Hotel earlier this month.
Appearing in the Balclutha District Court David Turnbull, 19, builder, Michael Craig Souness, 22, truck driver, and Andrew Sam Anderson, 22, plumber, each admitted a charge of wilful damage following an incident at the Hotel South Otago, the Otago Daily Times reported.
Prosecutor Sergeant Amelia Steel told the paper that the trio went to the hotel on June 6 after a rugby game to drink with team-mates. They then headed upstairs to the area reserved for guests.
"The trio then entered a female bathroom area... got naked and had a bath together," she said.
The rugby players splashed so much water on the floor that it seeped down an internal wall which later needed structural renovation, she said.
Counsel Brigid Clinton said the trio had been drinking and thought a bath was a good idea at the time.
Judge Moran said the "drunken hijinks" did not warrant a conviction and discharged the men without conviction. Each was ordered to pay $200 reparation to the Clutha Licensing Trust.
Having a bath with your rugby mates is *always* a good idea.
And how good a scenario would it be for a porn movie: a builder, a truck driver and a plumber walk into hotel and ask for a bath...

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