September 26, 2012

An Englander in Europe

An amusing TV series sees British comedian and wit Paul Merton travel around Europe in a series reminiscent of Eurotrash, lacking that series' knowing camp but with a general ignorance of things continental as is wont of Englanders who haven't travelled much.
Any prejudices of Germany as humourless, boring or fascistic were instantly removed the moment he arrived and by everybody he met there, and with good reason. Even I had to chuckle at the "Appelsaft" shouting anti-fascist demonstrators, and next time I'm in Germany I want to  do some "nacktivist" stuff too (nudist activities such as bowling and hiking - the only stuff I got to do recently was just the sex) or just stay in a prison converted into a hotel, with guard/staff as optional extra. The beer tub treatment for your skin (and a kip in the hay after) had to be seen to be believed and wouldn't fail being appealing to any beer-swilling Brits.
Not sure whether the rest of the series will live up to the marvellous fun in Germany, but I'm willing to be surprised too.


Bill said...

I remember seeing this series a couple of years ago when it was shown in the UK - as you have found it is quite amusing and I think quite perceptive. If I recall correctly he's done a more recent series with visits to various Eastern European countries, some now within the EU, but others not.

Other series he did a few years back were to China and a separate series with visits to India - his 'take' on all the places he visits is somewhat surrealistic, but always perceptive. Quite apart from being a wit who takes part in various UK TV and radio quiz type programmes he also I think has an interesting personal story which since I came to know a little bit about it seems to me to enhance my enjoyment of his very special brand of humour tinged with bathos.

Unknown said...
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