October 28, 2012

Downfall parodies

I had been thinking to take on the challenge to make a "Downfall/Untergang" parody but needed the right subject that would offer a rich amount of material to lampoon. And recently two issues came up that were right up my alley.

The first one concerns a controversial real estate development on Waiheke Island, approved by the local Island local authority board, that attracted vociferous protest from locals trying to prevent the building, brought in from town on a barge, from landing on the beach and affect the waterfront reserve land. A local topical issue, which may not mean much to you or enlighten you about the local sensitivities and references, but it has had great acclaim and the video has been shown during the movie intervals at the local Waiheke Island cinema.

The second one refers to the recent price hikes in fares on the Waiheke ferry service. Fullers Ferries is a private monopoly company owned by Souter Holdings (of Stagecoach fame). It is unbeholden to the local authority transport entity "Auckland Transport" and sets it timetables, fares and conditions at will without any recourse. Waiheke Island is completely dependent on its services for its existence, economically and socially.

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