July 05, 2005

Stone age desert religion tries to throw the first stone

You really have to feel for those stone age religions trying to keep a foothold in a secular society and trying to keep any credibility in an age where stoning faggots and adulterers simply aren't cool anymore. The last time stoning (as a concept) was culturally cool and funny was in "Life of Brian" but I can remember the screams of outrage from would-be stoners who wanted the film banned, burned and buried.
Now Labour MP Ashraf Choudhary has been trying to square that particular circle by commenting that his sacred text called the Koran is correct in promoting stoning of said minorities but he wouldn't advocate it in New Zealand.
Why don't these "believers" just come out and call a stone a stone by publicly advocating what their beliefs dictates them rather than get themselves into contortions they can't get out of without being laughed at?
Of course, coming out for your beliefs might get you a slap on the wrist by the authorities but hiding behind wishy washy arguments is of no use to anyone. Either you are proud of your stone age traditions and beliefs and are willing to stand up for them, or you finally realise you are living in a secular society where you do as the locals do and join the modern world.

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