April 05, 2009

Privates on parade

I completely overlooked a delicious news item from last year but my attention was of course strangely drawn towards it once it was mentioned to me.
The English newspaper Daily Mail, that stalwart everything British, was badly let down by a troop of Royal Marines who, after an exercise in Norway, decided to play that wonderful base bar game "Naked Bar", this time in a small Norwegian town. (Blurry picture here)
It's a simple game: when one of the marines shouts "naked bar", everybody strips off and continues drinking and roughhousing. This happens every day and night in the more adventurous pubs in Paris, such as L'Impact, and I'm quite pleased to hear that the British marines don't have hangups about social nudity. It's the offensive drinking games that are more problematic (par for the course with any British male group travelling abroad!) and those shenanigans were what most upset their Norwegian hosts, not their privates on parade.

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