January 24, 2006

Team America: F*** yeah!

There really was no escape from eventually watching "Team America: World Police", especially since I am such a fan of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett - the puppet versions, naturellement. I've always suspected Col. White was the boss of Lt Green, the way the Col. always expected his every whim attended to. And for Scarlett and Blue, well, they were spending so much time cooped up in their ship voluntarily even the usual excuse of situational homosexuality didn't really stick.
I was curious whether it would be as campily funny as the Gerry Anderson art work, and, of course, it was not: it was all rather crude and predictable once the premise of "trying to offend everyone" has been made clear. On the other hand the film was technically and cinematically done gorgeously.
If only they had some funny Brits working on the script it would have been twice as funny. The so-called controversial puppetry sex scenes I thought were rather vapid and tame. I mean, how hard is it for puppets to get wood? Surely there would have been gags lurking in there, but no, on screen sex apparrently (judging by the sheer number of mentions of this scene in film reviews) is taken very seriously. Not much, though, about the hilarious gay blowjob scene.
At the other end, the vomit scene was done better in Meet the Feebles.

My gaydar was going off hugely when watching the accompanying interview with Trey Parker and the behind the scenes documentaries on the DVD extras. All those gay/homo/homophobia references, also very noticeable in South Park, point to a knowing.
I was disappointed that one scene was cut: where Gary comes up after giving his boss a blowjob to prove he's with them (I shudder to think President Bush will instigate a similar test to prove your loyalty and patriotism) and the boss says: "You're gay now".
If only one had scenes like that in action movies involving Vin Diesel of Bruce Willis in that situation, it may make them watching worth my while. Vin wiping his chin after a blowjob would be worth the admission price by itself.

You can establish "how f***ing American are you?" here.
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