November 28, 2007

The Mo-vember Revolutionaries

Here in New Zealand, following Australia's example, the month of November has been declared Mo-vember, a month when guys grow a mo(ustache) to raise awareness on bloke health issues such as, in particular, prostate cancer.
I haven't had much facial hair in my past life, so I decided I'd do my bit and let it rip on my face.
At a Movember comparison party, wags told me I looked like Lenin. But judge for yourself from the pictures and let me know your comments. In my past lives I have been compared to looking like Howard Devoto and Michael Stipe.
We're supposed to shave it off on Saturday. I'm not sure whether I should keep it or not.

New Zealand men and their moustaches, a historical timeline here.

UPDATE: I've decided to keep a very short goatee, soft enough to scratch your sensitive bits (please, feel free to offer them to me any time)

Picture sequence shout out mo-tugging thank you to Peter McL. To the Finland Station!

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